Wrong Months Referenced in Year Over Year Growth Quick Table Calculation

Published: 10 May 2017
Last Modified Date: 03 Jan 2020


When YEAR([Date]) and MONTH([Date]) are together on 'Rows' or 'Columns' and the first YEAR() present only contains a few months, the YoY quick table calculation will reference the wrong month.

In the workbook YoY Quick Table Calculation.tbwx attached to this article, you will find an example of an issue and the resolution. For more details, see the information below: 
  • We would expect January through March of 2015 to use YoY from 2014, which they are.
  • We would also expect December and November of 2014 to use the same months in 2013 for it's YoY.
  • Instead, since November and December are the 'first two months present in 2013', they are treated as though they are January and February.


Tableau Desktop


Use a calculated field with a formula similar to LOOKUP(SUM([Measure]),-12) that corresponds to MONTH() rather than the quick table calculation option that uses a LOOKUP(SUM([Measure]),-1) that corresponds to  YEAR() date part. For a concrete example of the solution, see the attached workbook YoY Quick Table Calculation.


The Year over Year quick table calculation is built to move one year back, but does not break the view into more granular date data. 
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