Workbook Size Increases When Using Custom Shapes

Published: 02 Nov 2016
Last Modified Date: 19 Jul 2017


When adding an image to a workbook as a custom shape, the size of workbook may increase more than expected.


Tableau Desktop


Create a folder with the minimum number of shapes that will used in the workbook.
  1. Locate the images that will be used as custom shapes.
  2. Add only these images to the new folder in the My Tableau Repository\Shapes folder in your Documents folder. 
    • The name of the folder will be used as the name of the palette in Tableau.
  3. Use the shapes from this new folder in the workbook.



When you use custom shapes, they are saved with the workbook with the folder they are located in. Using a large folder with many images places within it, will save that entire folder with the workbook and carry all its images. Saving a workbook with a large custom shapes folder will increase its size according to the number of images within that folder. 
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