Workbook Repeatedly Prompts to Authenticate to Google Sheets on Tableau Online

Published: 11 Nov 2016
Last Modified Date: 18 Jul 2017


Unable to view a Tableau Online dashboard which connects live to Google Sheets due to repeated prompts to authenticate.


  • Tableau Online
  • Google Sheets


Remove and reauthorize Tableau Online access to your Google Sheets account. 
  1. Login to Tableau Online. 
  2. In the top right corner, click on your username and choose My Account Settings 
  3. Under Saved Credentials, next to Google Sheets, select Delete
  4. Next to Google Sheets, select Add and follow the prompt to connect and allow access. 
  5. Select Test next to the credentials. 



Tableau Online may have been removed from the Apps connected to your account section of the Google Sheets account. 
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