Workbook Cannot Connect to Published Data Source After Moving Tableau Server to a New Hostname

Published: 31 Oct 2014
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


When Tableau Server has been moved to a different network location such as a new hostname, a workbook that contains a published data source with Tableau Server's old hostname or IP cannot connect to the data source.


  • Tableau Server


Re-download a new copy of the workbook from Tableau Server while logged in using the new hostname. The downloaded copy of the workbook will point to the new location of the published data source.


Note: Changing the hostname of Tableau Server is not recommended and may result in additional issues. For more information, see Before You Install... Additional requirements

The connection to the published data source saved in the workbook includes a pointer to the network location of Tableau Server at the time that the workbook was saved. If a user connects to Tableau Server using its IP address rather than its hostname, and Tableau Server is then moved to a different IP address, the workbook will still be pointing at the old IP address until it is re-downloaded from Tableau Server's new location.

Additional Information

The best practice is to always connect to Tableau Server using its hostname. Doing so will ensure that data source connections in a workbook will always find the correct location of Tableau Server after a network migration even if the IP address changes, as long as DNS is updated to forward the original hostname to the new IP.

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