Wild Card Match Does Not Work

Published: 09 Jan 2018
Last Modified Date: 10 Jan 2018


Wildcard search does not work, even though the value being searched shows up when using single value drop-down option in the filter.


Tableau Desktop 10.4.2


You can substitute an alias in a field in a different way, since aliases cannot be searched. Instead of right-clicking a dimension and selecting 'Alias' to modify the members, use a calculated field:
IF [Category] = 'Tch' then 'Technology'
ELSEIF [Category] = 'Furniture' then 'New Alias for Furniture'
ELSE [Category]

The above calculation can be used to replace the 'Tch' member with 'Technology'. The newly created calculated field can be used as the wildcard filter in place of the original.


If a dimension has aliases, they will appear in the drop-down version of filters, but wild card searches will not match these aliases. Right-click a dimension and select 'Alias' to see whether or not aliases have been applied to the field.
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