When Using "Tableau with MFA" Chrome Auto-Save Password Displays Error "User account not found" Or "Your account or password is incorrect"

Published: 08 Oct 2021
Last Modified Date: 30 Oct 2021


When "Tableau with MFA" is enabled while logging in to Tableau Online using Chrome auto-save password one of the following messages is being displayed:
Error "User account not found"

"Your account or password is incorrect"

If the user only belongs to one signal site, then the error will be "Unable to Sign In. User account not found. For help, contact your Tableau Online site administrator."

If the user belongs to multiple sites, then the error will be "Your account or password is incorrect, Please try again or click Forgot password".


  • Tableau Online
  • Tableau with MFA authentication
  • Using Chrome auto-save password


As a workaround, when signing in to Tableau Online, do not let Chrome save your password when Chrome asks for "Save password?". Instead, manually input username and password every time.

To manage and delete already saved passwords in Chrome, please refer to Chrome's documentation Manage passwords.

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This issue is currently under investigation by Tableau Development team, ID 1324919.
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