When switching Tableau Server from Tableau Desktop, calculated field in published data source comes up as a duplicated and error field

Published: 10 May 2022
Last Modified Date: 16 May 2022


A workbook is using a published data source on Tableau Desktop. The published data source along with the same calculated fields are located on two different Tableau Servers (e.g. production and testing environment )

When switching from one Tableau Server to another (In Tableau Desktop, right-click data source in data panel -> Tableau Data Server -> Edit Server and Site Path...), the calculated field in the published data source will then be duplicated and come up with 'The field XXXXXX does not exist in the database'


  • Tableau Desktop 
  • Windows 10
  • MS SQL Server


Option 1

Download the published data source from one environment and re-publish it to another.

Option 2

1: Right-click on the field having the error and select Replace References… 
2: In the pop-up window select the new field (the field with the same name in the switched data source) and click OK


User has created a completely new calculated field using the same name and same formula as the one in the testing environment (instead of using a copy of the data source from the testing environment with the calculated field already in place to publish it to the production environment)

Tableau Server uses a different Remote Field Name in the production environment for the newly created calculated fields.
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