When Signing In To Tableau Cloud From The Tableau Viz Lightning Web Component, " refused to connect" Error Occurs If The User Authentication Method Is Tableau With MFA

Published: 19 Dec 2022
Last Modified Date: 22 Dec 2022


When signing in to Tableau Cloud from the Tableau Viz Lightning Web component, the following error occurs if the user authentication method is "Tableau with MFA".

" refused to connect" 
" refused to connect." occurs.

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  • Tableau Cloud
  • Salesforce Authentication
  • Tableau with MFA


Workaround 1

Disable additional authentication methods. For more information, see Salesforce Authentication.

Workaround 2

Sign into Tableau Cloud directly in a separate tab of the same browser, then refresh and view the Salesforce page.

Workaround 3

Change the User Authentication Type to use Single sign-on (SSO) methods instead such as Salesforce Authentication or SAML. For more information, see Set the User Authentication Type.


This is a known issue that is under investigation and being addressed by the Tableau development team.
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