When Setting a URL that Contains an Empty Character in URL Actions a Blank Browser Page Will be Launched

Published: 11 Jan 2023
Last Modified Date: 11 Jan 2023


When setting a URL that contains an empty character in URL actions, a blank browser page will be launched.


  • Tableau Desktop


You can work around this issue by converting empty characters to NULL and then setting them in the URL action.

Below is an example using sample data. Please see the attached workbook for details.

1. Create a calculated field like the following and name it !URL.
IF [<field that contains empty URL>]="" THEN NULL
ELSE [<field that contains empty URL>]
2. Add !URL field to Detail.
3. Select Menu>Worksheet>Actions and add a Go to URL action.
4. Edit the URL Action as follows:
  User-added image


Empty characters contain data unlike NULL.
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