When running TSM commands in Windows Command Prompt there is no update

Published: 03 Sep 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


When clicking outside of the Windows Administrator Command Prompt while a tsm command is running, the progress of the tsm job is not updating.


  • Tableau Server
  • Windows Server 


Option 1: 
If the top left of the Command Prompt displays the text "Select Administrator", click into the CMD and provide any keypress.  This will bring the focus back into the CMD and continue providing progress updates within the prompt.

In the screenshot below, the "Select Administrator" text is displayed resulting in no updates within the CMD prompt for TSM jobs:
CMD Select Administrator Prompt

After clicking into the CMD window and providing a keypress the CMD will continue outputting the job status:
CMD Prompt updating status

Option 2: 
Adjust the Command Prompt properties to disable "QuickEdit Mode".  Do note that with this option disabled, selecting text within the CMD will require pressing "CTRL + M".

1. Right click on the top left corner of the CMD window and open Properties
CMD Properties

2. In the Edit Options section, uncheck the box "QuickEdit Mode"
CMD QuickEdit Mode

3. Click 'OK' to save the changes.


The Windows Command Prompt's QuickEdit Mode will allow for selecting text inside the CMD window and this will stop updating any standard output of commands run for allowing text highlighting.  
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