When refreshing a Postgresql extract published to Tableau Cloud, query timeout error occurs

Published: 24 Nov 2022
Last Modified Date: 24 Nov 2022


When refreshing the published extract which connects to the underlying database PostgreSQL database version 9, the query timeout error occurs.


  • Tableau Cloud 2022.3.0
  • PostgreSQL version 9



  1. Install Tableau Bridge.
  2. Install PostgreSQL ODBC driver version 9 which is used to connect to PostgreSQL database version 9 on the Tableau Bridge client machine.
  3. Publish extract from Tableau Desktop to Tableau Cloud, and schedule the refresh via Tableau Bridge.


The data source PostgreSQL database is in old version 9. If the refresh is through Tableau Cloud, then the PostgreSQL JDBC driver which is set up on Tableau Cloud POD will be used to connect to the old version PostgreSQL database 9, which makes the query very slow, finally ends with timeout, extract refresh failure.
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