When Making A REST API Sign-In Request From A Single Device, The Number Of PATs (Personal Access Token) That Can Be Viewed And Used In My Account Settings Is Limited

Published: 03 Feb 2022
Last Modified Date: 08 Feb 2022


When making a REST API sign-in request to Tableau Online or Tableau Server from a single device, the number of PATs (Personal Access Token) that can be viewed and used in My Account settings is limited.


  • Tableau Online
  • Tableau Server


For Tableau Online:
Create one PAT or a handful of PATs for concurrent execution for each device for automation. For security and tracing purposes, this is limited by feature and cannot be increased.

For Tableau Server:
Configure the config key refresh_token.max_count_per_device and refresh_token.max_count_per_user. The default limitations are as below:
  • refresh_token.max_count_per_user: 24
  • refresh_token.max_count_per_device: 10


There is a limitation on the number of PATs per device. When hitting the limit, the least recently used tokens will be deleted.

Additional Information

Note that while PAT allows you to create a session at a particular site and use that session to perform multiple actions, logging in again using the same PAT (whether at the same site or a different site) will terminate the previous session and result in an authentication error.

For more information, see Personal Access Tokens.
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