When installing Tableau Server 2019.1 on a host with forward proxy, finalizing topology fails

Published: 27 Mar 2019
Last Modified Date: 24 Mar 2020


When installing 2019.1.1 on a server where a forward proxy is configured, initialization fails at step 25, and obliterating does not resolve the issue; subsequent attempts to initialize may fail at step 22.

In either case, the error message "finalizing the topology failed" occurs.  Also,
tsm status -v  returns that Tableau Server Status is DEGRADED and 'Tableau Server Ask Data 0' is in an error state.


  • Tableau Server 2019.1.1
  • Forward Proxy


For Windows OS confirm proxy settings are correct. For additional information please see the section entitled "Configuring Tableau Server on Windows to work with a forward proxy."  Please see Section 3: Add exceptions to bypass the proxy server. Ensure that necessary exceptions to the forward proxy are in place.

For Linux, to configure Tableau Server to bypass the forward proxy, include the --no_proxy flag, as detailed in Initialize TSM. You should also add exceptions to this proxy configuration to guarantee that all communications within a local Tableau Server cluster (if you have one now or will have one later) do not route to the proxy server. For example:

  • --no_proxy=localhost,,localaddress,,hostname
WARNING:   On a Linux system, the "no_proxy" line should be "no_proxy=localhost,,<domain preceded by dot>".  By this we mean, do not put literally "" or "localaddresss"  in to the no_proxy line.  These are placeholders.  Instead, substitute the actual domain info.  For instance, if you are working in a network with a domain of "", and the FQDN of your Tableau Server machine is "", your no_proxy line would look like  "no_proxy=localhost,,".  Please note, the "." in front of "" is not a typo, it is necessary. Similarly, with hostname, please put the unqualified hostname for the server that is being used to install Tableau Server.

No restart or reboot is required before attempting to initialize TSM, again. 



Forward proxy is preventing communication to and from processes introduced in Tableau Server 2019.1.

Additional Information

Tabadmincontroller log will display the following error:
FinalizeTopology failed…ServiceOperationTimeoutException
Error message: "Finalizing the topology failed" occurs, and 'tsm status -v' shows that Tableau Server is DEGRADED with 'Tableau Server Ask Data 0' in an error state.

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