When Connecting to Tableau Cloud from Tableau Desktop on MAC, Tableau Desktop Crashes

Published: 21 Jul 2021
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


Tableau Desktop crashes on MAC when logging into Tableau Cloud


  • Tableau Desktop 2021.2.0
  • Mac OSX (Other)
  • Tableau Cloud


Set environment variable as below or upgrade Tableau Desktop to the fixed version.
  1. Open terminal on Mac
  2. Run below command in terminal
    export QT_QUICK_BACKEND=software
  3. Run Tableau Desktop in the same terminal with below command
    open -n /Applications/Tableau\ Desktop\
  4. Reproduce the issue and confirm whether the crash occurs or not
  5. (Option) If the issue is gone after doing above steps, the customer can configure QT_QUICK_BACKEND environment variable permanently


Hardware acceleration for webengine  is crashing in OpenGL code.

Additional Information

The issue fixed but not release it yet.
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