When a Dimension Is Added to Size on the Marks Card, the Bar Size Changes According to the Filter Selection

Published: 03 Mar 2023
Last Modified Date: 04 Mar 2023


When a dimension is added to Size on the Marks card, the bar size changes according to the filter selection.

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User-added image


  • Tableau Desktop


Because this is by design, as a workaround, you can show or hide bars by creating a Set.  Below is an example using the Sample-Superstore data and included in the attached workbook.

1. Right-click Category and select Create > Set.
2. Create a calculated field and name it Sales filtered by set with the following configuration:
IF [Category Set] THEN [Sales] END
3. Add Category to Columns and Size, then add SUM(Sales filtered by set) to Rows.
4. Right-click Category Set and select Show Set.


This is by design. The size is automatically adjusted according to the filter selection.
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