Web Data Connector Extract Completes Successfully but No Data Returned in Tableau 2019.4 and Newer Versions

Published: 28 Feb 2020
Last Modified Date: 03 Mar 2020


After upgrading to Tableau Desktop or Tableau Server 2019.4 or newer, no data is returned when establishing a connection via Web Data Connector, or when refreshing an existing workbook or data source. 


Tableau Desktop 2019.4 and newer versions 
Tableau Server 2019.4 and newer versions 
Web Data Connector


Option 1

If the Web Data Connector you are using was created internally, it may need to be updated to support changes to the WDC web browser engine in Tableau 2019.4. Specifically, changes may be needed to ensure that data is transmitted and inserted into the extract in smaller chunks. For more information see: Get Data - Best Practices. If the WDC was not created by you, follow up with the publisher of the WDC.

Option 2

As a workaround, use Tableau Desktop and Server 2019.3 or earlier. Click here for downloads of current and previous versions of Tableau Desktop and Server: Tableau Desktop Downloads and Release Notes,  Tableau Server Downloads and Release Notes. For more information on current releases, see  Upgrade Tableau Desktop and Desktop Upgrade,  Upgrade Tableau Server and Server Upgrade.


The internal web browser engine for Web Data Connectors was updated in Tableau 2019.4 and contains a limitation in its data communication channel where a single transmission of data cannot exceed approximately 128mb. See WDC News for more information.
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