Warning "This measure is incompatible with one or more of the dimensions in this view" When Adding Multiple Fields from a Cube Data Source

Published: 06 Jul 2017
Last Modified Date: 17 Aug 2020


When adding multiple fields from a cube data source to the view, then a yellow caution triangle may appear on measures added to the view. When mousing over the yellow caution triangle, Tableau Desktop displays the warning "This measure is incompatible with one or more of the dimensions in this view."


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Cube Data Sources


Work with your DBA to determine which combinations of fields may provide the desired results, or to define additional aggregations in the cube data source so that the desired combination of fields will have a pre-aggregated result to display in Tableau Desktop.


Cube data sources pre-define both the dimension hierarchies and the measure aggregations. In other words, when you ask a cube for the sum of all sales in February, the cube does not search for every sale between Feb 1 and Feb 28 and add them together the way a relational database does. Instead, the sum of February sales is pre-aggregated and stored under February in the heirarchy. The cube only has to retrieve the pre-aggregated sum.

Pre-aggregating data is faster because the computer does not have to compute the result on the spot. However, if the desired aggregation was not defined at the time the cube was built, then the aggregation will not be available later on. For example, if the cube was built with pre-aggregated monthly sales, but not pre-aggregated daily sales, then Tableau Desktop would be unable to show the sum of sales for each day in February.
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