“Tableau is low on process memory” Warning

Published: 05 Feb 2013
Last Modified Date: 17 Dec 2019


When you’re working in Tableau Desktop, the following warning appears:

Tableau is low on process memory and may be forced to abruptly exit. Please save your work.


Tableau Desktop


Depending on your operating system and on your Tableau Desktop version, please following the troubleshooting steps below: 
  • Consider upgrading your operating system or Tableau version to a 64-bit computer. For more information, see Resolving memory errors in the Online Help.
  • Decrease the number of worksheets in the workbook.
  • Reduce the number of additional applications that are running on the computer.
  • Use Tableau Desktop on a 64-bit computer. (See Additional Information section below.)


Windows does not have enough contiguous blocks of memory available.

Additional Information

In 32-bit Windows systems, programs can access 2GB of virtual address space (process memory), or up to 3GB when the /3GB switch is used during system startup.

Tableau Desktop is a 32-bit, Large Address Aware application. In 64-bit Windows systems, such applications can access the maximum 4GB of virtual address space allowed per 32-bit process.

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