Visitors Prompted to Log In When Viewing Embedded Tableau Cloud Views

Published: 21 Aug 2013
Last Modified Date: 08 Jun 2022


When visiting a web page or portal with an embedded Tableau Cloud view, visitors might receive a log in prompt.


  • Tableau Cloud
  • SAML


As a workaround, enable inline frame authentication with SAML. 

If your IdP supports authentication inside an inline frame (iframe), you can enable transparent embedded views. See Default authentication type for embedded views in Configure Site Authentication for more information on enabling inline frame. 

Steps to enable inline frame and SAML as the default authentication type for embedded views: 
  1. Sign-in to Tableau Cloud as a Site Administrator. 
  2. Select Settings and then Authentication
  3. Below the configured SAML connection, select Edit Connection...
  4. Under Embedding options, select Authenticate using an inline frame.
  5. Under Default authentication type for embedded views, select SAML.
  6. Go to the IdP’s configuration settings and enable sign-in through iframes. 
Note: If you are uncertain whether your IdP supports iframe sign-ins, check your IdP's documentation to confirm.


Tableau Cloud currently supports using Tableau ID and SAML, based on email addresses, to authenticate users.
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