Views Do not Render After Logging into Tableau Server from Mobile Device Using a Reverse Proxy that Requires Authentication

Published: 27 Sep 2019
Last Modified Date: 26 Nov 2019


Mobile users (app and browser) can log into Tableau Server but get an infinite spinner, an "Unexpected token" error or other error when they try to open a workbook.  This issue can affect any device (iOS, Android and even PC's) but iOS devices seem particularly susceptible.   


  • Tableau Server 2019.1.8 and earlier
  • Tableau Server 2019.2.4 and earlier
  • Tableau Server 2019.3.0 and earlier
  • Traffic across a Reverse Proxy that requires authentication, though not all Reverse Proxy schemes are affected 


Upgrade to Tableau Server 2019.4 and later, Tableau Server 2019.3.1 and later, Server 2019.2.5 and later, or Tableau Server 2019.1.9 and later.


The addition of a crossorigin=anonymous tag in Tableau Server version 2019.x, for use with Content Delivery Networks (CDN), is causing Tableau Server to fail to send or to drop the proxy's authentication token, causing it to attempt to re-authenticate.  This authentication attempt is causing the errors or spinner.

Additional Information

  • If mobile clients are displaying unusual behavior when connecting to Tableau Server 2019.x and the traffic is coming across a Reverse Proxy, this defect may be the cause. It can be confirmed by checking for a crossorigin tag with "anonymous" as its value in a Fiddler trace.
  • The most common Reverse Proxy setup affected is the Azure App Proxy, but there are several others.

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