After publishing with "Run As User" authentication, viewing the workbook results in endless "This view requires access to the <> database."

Published: 13 May 2016
Last Modified Date: 17 Jan 2017


After publishing a workbook to Tableau Server with "Server Run As Account," "Impersonate via Embedded Account," or "Impersonate via Server Run As Account" authentication, when accessing the view the user is repeatedly asked to enter credentials for the database. For example:

This view requires access to the <> database.
Authenticate with Microsoft SQL Server.
After you click Authenticate with Microsoft SQL Server, you will be presented an authentication page. On that page, provide the correct database credentials to gain access.

After entering credentials, sometimes the view shows "sign in successful", but then always loops back to the authentication request without rendering the view.


  • Tableau Server
  • MS SQL Server


  1. Confirm that the Tableau Server Run As User can connect to the database.
  2. Confirm that the Run As User has been granted permission in the database to access the specific tables in use in the dashboard. The Run As User account should have Connect, Select, and Execute permissions for the database.


The Tableau Server Run As User must be in the Active Directory domain that is being authenticated to the data source and have permission to access the view.
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