Vertical Scrollbar in Tableau Mobile obfuscates view

Published: 25 Aug 2021
Last Modified Date: 26 Aug 2021


When creating a phone device layout that utilizes Fit Width in Tableau Mobile, an additional vertical scrollbar may appear obfuscating the view. 


  • Tableau Mobile 


The behavior is a known feature that is currently under consideration with Development. To work around this behavior, please consider the following possible workarounds: 

Option 1

Manually resize the layout container.

Note: This method will prevent the layout container from automatically resizing.

Option 2

Use the drop-down menu in the toolbar to set the affected worksheets to Fit Height or Entire View.

Option 3

  1. Place each affected worksheet inside its own horizontal layout container inside the nested vertical layout containers.
  2. Give each affected layout container the same amount of outer padding.
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