Values from a Secondary Data Source are Incorrect After Adding a Table Calculation to the View

Published: 17 Jul 2018
Last Modified Date: 04 Jan 2019


After adding a table calculation to a view where at least one of the fields being addressed are not active linking fields, then values from the secondary data source will be incorrect.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Data blending
  • Table Calculations


Use one of the following workarounds:
  • If possible, join instead of blend your data. For more information, see Deciding Between Joining Tables and Blending Data.
  • Make the field(s) used to address the table calculation active linking fields.
  • Modify the calculation to not use table functions


This behavior is related to a limitation of data blending. 

Additional Information

To find the field(s) used to address the table calculation, do the following:
  1. Right-click the table calculation and select Edit Table Calculation...
  2. In the Table Calculation dialog, the checked dimensions listed under Specific Dimensions are the dimensions used to address the table calculation.
    • ​It does not matter if the list of dimensions is grayed out.

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