Multiple Actions Filters in a Dashboard Cancel Each Other Out

Published: 07 Mar 2019
Last Modified Date: 03 Mar 2020


When using multiple action filters in a dashboard and the affected worksheets have been sorted by a table calculation or measure, the action filters will cancel each other out. This only applies if:
  • the field sorting the view is to the left of the field being selected when applying the action filter
  • dimension/measure text values are selected when applying the action filter, his does not affect marks such as a bar chart


  • Tableau Desktop 


The following options can be used to work around the issue:

Option 1
  1. Move the Measure field or Table Calculation, which is sorting the other fields in the view, to the right of the fields on which you wish to apply Action Filters.
Option 2
If the field which is sorting does not need to be directly in the view, remove this field and instead use the "Sort" option with Action Filters. For more information on these steps, see "Sort specific fields in the viz."
  1. Right-Click the field and select Sort.
  2. In the Dialog Window, select Sort By > Field and select the relevant field which was being used to sort the view.
  3. Select whether the sort is to be Ascending or Descending and then close the window.
  4. Ensure this change is applied to all affected worksheets used in the dashboard.
Option 3 
  1. Instead of selecting Dimension Values or Text Values in the Dashboard when using the Action Filters, select a mark instead (e.g. Bar from a bar chart), as this behavior only affects Dimensions and Text Values.


An action filter that will change the current sort order in a worksheet will clear any previously selected action filter.
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