Users Prompted to Log In To Single Sign-On (SSO) Tableau Server

Published: 29 Apr 2016
Last Modified Date: 30 Sep 2016


After upgrading Tableau Server with Single Sign-On (SSO) enabled, some users are being prompted to log in.


  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Active Directory Synchronization
  • Tableau Server


Check and troubleshoot the status of the Active Directory synchronization: 
  • Check/Enable/Force Last Synchronization:
    1. Navigate to the Tableau Server and log in as a Server Administrator.
    2. Navigate to Server > Settings > General.
    3. Scroll down to Active Directory Synchronization section.
    4. Observe the Last Synchronized date.
    5. Click Synchronize All Groups.
    6. Last Synchronized date should be current.
  • Check Server Configuration Settings:
    1. On the computer running the primary instance of the Tableau Server application, right-click to open the Configure Tableau Server application.
    2. On the General Tab, verify the following:
      • Use Active Directory is selected.
      • Active Directory Domain is accurate.
      • Enable Automatic Logon is enabled.
    3. If any option needs adjusting:
      1. Stop the Tableau Server application.
      2. Adjust setting desired and press OK.
      3. Start the Tableau Server.


Tableau Server synchronizes its user account information with the organization's Active Directory server and if that connection stops or is turned off, the impacts will not be immediately realized. If a user account password is changed in Active Directory and synchronization is broken, that would cause a prompt for login on the Tableau Server that would only accept the old password. 
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