User Unlicensed After Being Added From Active Directory and Grant License on Sign-in Used

Published: 09 Feb 2024
Last Modified Date: 09 Feb 2024


The user appears unlicensed after being added from Active Directory, despite the user having a different minimum site role.

For example, consider an Active Directory group named "Marketing" with 100 users, out of which only 25 users require access to the Tableau Server.
  1. A site or server administrator can import all users from the Marketing Active Directory group, setting the group's minimum site role to Explorer and enabling the "Grant license on sign in" option.
  2. When any Tableau users from the Marketing group sign in to their Tableau site, they will automatically be granted the Explorer role.
  3. Users who do not need Tableau Server access will remain unlicensed unless they choose to sign in.


  • Tableau Server
  • Grant license on sign in
  • Grant role on sign in


Once the user initiates the login, the proper seat will be assigned, ensuring they are correctly licensed. Failure to log in may result in the user being unlicensed until the login process is completed.
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