URL Parameter Filter Ineffective When Switching Between Tabs

Published: 25 Feb 2013
Last Modified Date: 12 Aug 2020


When you try to pass filter values to Tableau Server views through the URL, the filter settings are discarded when switching between tabs.


  • Tableau Server
  • Relational data sources


Revise the workbook to filter based on a parameter. The example below filters a workbook by Category across all worksheets.
  1. Right-click in the Data window and then select Create Parameter.
  2. In the Create Parameter dialog box, do the following, and then click OK:
    • Name the parameter. In the example workbook, the parameter is named CategorySelect.
    • For Data Type, select String.
    • For Allowable values, select List.
    • For List of Values, enter All, Technology, Furniture, Office Supplies.
  3. Select Analysis > Create Calculated Field.
  4. In the Calculated Field dialog box that opens, do the following and then click OK:
    • Name the calculated field. In the example workbook, the calculated field is named Matches Parameter.
    • In the formula field, create a calculated field similar to the following:
      [CategorySelect]="All" OR [CategorySelect]=[Category]
  5. Drag the newly created calculated field from the Dimensions pane to the Filter shelf.
  6. In the Filter dialog box that opens, select True, and then click OK.
  7. On Filters, right-click Matches Parameter, and then select Apply to Worksheets > All Using This Data Source.
  8. Publish the workbook to Tableau Server.
  9. The published view can now be filtered with the parameter as a URL parameter as follows:  http://<servername>/#/views/<workbook>/<sheet>?param1=value1,value2&param2=value 
Note: URL parameters are passed only to a specified view (<sheet>) of a specified workbook (<workbook>). Where: 
  • <workbook> = Superstore 
  • <sheet> = Performance 
  • ?param1 = Category 
  • value1 = Furniture 
For example: http://<servername>/#/views/Superstore/Performance?Category=Furniture 


Switching tabs triggers an AJAX request rather than a full page load, URL filters are not loaded. For more information about URL parameters, including screenshots demonstrating the URL patterns; see How View URLs Are Structured
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