Url Actions Open A New Browser Tab Instead of The Same Tab

Published: 03 Dec 2016
Last Modified Date: 19 Jan 2021


URL Actions open a new browser tab or window instead of opening inside the current tab or window.


Tableau Server


Option 1: Before Publishing

  1. In Tableau Desktop, edit the URL Action and add ?:linktarget=_self&:embed=yes to the end of the URL. For example: 
  2. If your URL is passing a value to filter the target sheet, append the filter using an &. For example:<Category>

    Option 2: After Publishing

    After publishing, in your browser's address bar, add ?:linktarget=_self to the end of the view's URL.

    Alternatively, if the view will be embedded in an IFrame, add ?:linktarget=_self to the end of the view's URL in the embed code.


    By default, URL Actions open a new browser tab or window.


    Additional Information

    The ?:linktarget parameter in a Tableau URL does not apply directly to the view being loaded (as does ?:embed=y?:Category=Technology, etc).  Instead, the ?:linktarget= parameter controls the behavior of all links within the view that the parameter was added to.  Therefore, in order to cause the URLs within the view to open within the same window, ?:linktarget=_self must be appended to the URL of the initial view.

    Adding :linktarget=_self&:embed=yes to the URL Action means that when the target dashboard is loaded, subsequent actions will be loaded in the same frame and Tableau Server won't load the header and toolbar a second time. If :embed=yes is not added to the URL Action, users will see the Tableau Server header and toolbar twice.

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