URL Action Fails to Pass FILTERVALUES() in Tableau Server

Published: 11 Dec 2019
Last Modified Date: 27 Oct 2022


The URL Action that uses FILTERVALUES() in the parameter that is set to Run on "Select" does not work after publishing on Tableau Server.


  • Tableau Server



Option 1: If the <field> referred to in FILTERVALUES(<field>) is in the view, remove them from the view (such as Rows, Details, etc).

Option 2: Use Run On "Menu" instead of "Select". For more info, see URL Actions

Option 3: Use <field> instead of FILTERVALUES(<field>) in the URL Action - this will pass only one value regardless of selecting "Allow Multiple Values".

Option 4: Disable client-side rendering either on a server level or by appending ?:render=false to the view's URL. See Configure Client-Side Rendering for more information.


The behavior is a known issue that is being considered for addressing in future releases of the product.
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