Upgrade to Tableau Server 2021.2+ failed with Failed to establish a connection with Active Directory

Published: 28 Jul 2021
Last Modified Date: 15 Sep 2022


When upgrade to Tableau Server version 2021.2+, upgrade fails with "Failed to establish a connection with Active Directory."

Error message:
Upgrading Tableau Server to version 20212.21.0610.0336. See log file at C:\Progr
amData\Tableau\Tableau Server\logs\app-upgrade.log for progress.
Install directory C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server
Config file: "C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\config\workgroup
Verifying that the upgrade script is running from the correct environment.
Validating Tableau Server version.
Verifying that the new packages have been installed on all cluster nodes.
Verifying Active Directory connection.
Operation failed.
An error occurred during installation.
Failed to establish a connection with Active Directory.


  • Tableau Server 2021.2.0+


Option 1

Encrypt your Tableau Server's AD connection according to our Product Help article:

Configure Encrypted Channel to LDAP External Identity Store [Windows][Linux]

Option 2

Bypass the secure connection requirement for the upgrade script.

Run the following command to allow an insecure connection on your current version of Tableau Server.
  1. Launch CMD as "Run as administrator". 
  2. Run "tsm configuration set -k wgserver.domain.allow_insecure_connection -v true --force-keys"
  3. Run "tsm pending-changes apply"
After upgrade completes, we recommend securing the channel and then setting this option to false.

Option 3

If the above options are not applicable, please have your networking team investigate the traffic from Tableau Server to the AD domain controller(s) for understanding why the connection is being blocked.  Issues can range from misconfigured/expired certificates, Tableau directed to the wrong AD controllers, or other networking security settings.  

Option 4

Make sure to run and apply "tsm configuration set -k wgserver.domain.allow_insecure_connection -v true --force-keys" before performing the upgrade or running upgrade-tsm script. For more information, see Error: Failed to establish a connection with Active Directory.


Beginning with Tableau version 2021.2, Tableau Server no longer allows insecure connections with Active Directory. If your current instance of Tableau Server is communicating with Active Directory over a non-encrypted channel, upgrade will fail.
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