Update or Overwrite a Published Hyper File Error "Cannot replace the extract file which is currently in use"

Published: 24 Jan 2022
Last Modified Date: 11 Apr 2023


When Hyper files are published and shared on Tableau Server, an error will occur when trying to update (overwrite) the Hyper file using Tableau Desktop or Tableau Prep Builder stating:

Cannot replace the extract file which is currently in use.  Please choose a new location to save the extract.
Unable to generate output.  The output file is in use. Close the file and try again.

When using workbooks that directly access Hyper files in shared network folders, updating these Hyper files in place is not a supported scenario.



  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Prep Builder


Option 1:

Publish the Hyper files to Tableau Server and update them there.

Option 2:

Use CSV, Excel, or Access files via a live connection.


Tableau supports sharing CSV, Excel, or Access files via a live connection but does not support .hyper files for sharing.
  • Hyper locks databases/extracts, when Tableau Server utilizes them. It is not possible to directly control how long the lock is held because Tableau Server keeps sessions open.
  • Even if successful in updating the Hyper file without any locks being held, Tableau Server caches to not take the in-place updates into account. Therefore, when accessing views on Tableau that utilizes the Hyper file, there may be outdated data from Tableau Server's cache. Tableau Desktop, on the other hand, behaves differently with its caching and is more likely to detect when the file has been changed.

Additional Information

If a flow attempts to overwrite a locked Hyper file, an error may occur with the following message:

[SQLSTATE:55006] error opening database ‘Output2’: There was an error during loading database: The database file “//xxxxx/xxxxx.hyper” is locked by another process: CreateFileW(“\\?\UNC\xxxxx\xxxxx.hyper”): operation would block System error.
System error: AqlProcessor evaluation failed: [SQLSTATE:55000] error opening database ‘Output’: The database cannot be requested with access mode `readwrite`, as it is already loaded with the incompatible mode `readonly`.
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