Error "Unexpected Error: Username or password incorrect" Logging In to Tableau Server

Published: 25 Sep 2013
Last Modified Date: 07 Sep 2016


When logging in to Tableau Server, the following error message might occur:

Unexpected Error:
Username or password incorrect.


  • Distributed installation of Tableau Server
  • Active Directory authentication
  • Tableau Server user accounts joined to different domain than Tableau Server computer


Run the following commands to configure Tableau Server to use the same domain that the user accounts use:
tabadmin stop 
tabadmin set wgserver.domain.default <DomainB_FQDN> 
tabadmin set wgserver.domain.fqdn <DomainB_FQDN>
tabadmin set wgserver.domain.nickname <DomainB_nickname>
tabadmin config 
tabadmin start


While primary server computer has domain configured for DomainB, workers are configured for DomainA and users will have to specifiy their full domain name.

Additional Information

To check that solution applied properly, check parameter values in "C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\config\tabsvc.yml" file on Primary Tableau Server. If parameters are incorrect, re-apply the solution.
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