Unexpected Change to Backup Size

Published: 06 Jan 2020
Last Modified Date: 30 Jul 2021


After a tsm backup job completes successfully, the resulting tsbak file may be smaller than expected. Further investigation shows a significant difference between the size on disk of the \Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\dataengine\ directories on nodes configured with Filestore, where at least one node's dataengine folder is significantly smaller than the same folder on another node. 


  • Tableau Server


1. Upgrade to Tableau Server version 2020.1.14, 2020.2.11, 2020.3.6, 2020.4.2, 2021.1 or later, to be able to use the following setting.
2. For versions 2020.x and 2020.1, set the following value (note: this will be true by default starting in v2021.2):
tsm confguration set -k filestore.empty_folders_reaper.enabled -v true

3. Wait for the job to run, 1x every 24h. When the job runs, it will delete any empty folders created more than 5 minutes before, which will force a Filestore sync to occur for the content. Note that for severe discrepancies across nodes, this could be significant, 



One or more factors outside of Tableau Server are causing issues with Filestore synchronization, resulting in inconsistent reconciliation of extracts across nodes. 
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