Unexpected Behavior from Filters, Sorting and Altered Views in Excel-Based Workbooks After Upgrading

Published: 22 Dec 2016
Last Modified Date: 04 Jan 2017


If a dimension contains the same value with different capitalization, (For example, Apple and apple), the separate capitalizations are treated as two separate values.
For example: 
  • If you excluded "Apple" in a previous filter, "Apple" and "apple" were both excluded - now "Apple" is excluded, but "apple" displays.
  • A bar chart may display extra colors, or a line chart extra lines
  • A view sorted
    Apple, Banana, Blueberry 
    May now display as
    Apple, Banana, Blueberry, apple 
  • Asterisks or multiple values may display in automatic summaries or automatic fields. 
  • If multiple tables are joined on an inner join, the inner join now results in no data.


  • Tableau Desktop 9.3.10, 10.0.4, and 10.1.2
  • Tableau Server 9.3.10, 10.0.4, and 10.1.2
  • Microsoft Excel


Excel connections were inadvertently changed to become case sensitive. 
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