Unable to Save Data Source Credentials in Workbooks

Published: 23 Oct 2013
Last Modified Date: 19 Dec 2019


Unable to embed data source password credentials in workbooks. You will always be prompted for database credentials when opening a workbook with an existing database connection, or when creating a new database connection.


Tableau Desktop


As a workaround, use a published data source with embedded credentials:
  1. Embed credentials into the data source when publishing to Tableau Server.
  2. Use the published data source in the workbook.


Tableau Desktop does not save database credentials in order to protect data source security.

Additional Information

If the data source is Microsoft SQL, there is an option to use Active Directory authentication to eliminate the need to enter a password each time. This authentication method requires that the computer running Tableau Desktop authenticate using Active Directory and that the Microsoft SQL database is setup to allow access via Active Directory from the user signed in to the computer running Tableau Desktop. Active Directory authentication is set up between the PCs and databases by the network administrator. For more information, see Microsoft SQL Server in Tableau Help.

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