Unable to View Image Thumbnail or Localized Text After Installing Tableau Desktop in a Czech Environment

Published: 13 Jun 2017
Last Modified Date: 23 Jun 2017


After installing Tableau Desktop 10.3 on Czech Mac OS X or Windows, thumbnail images might be missing and the texts do not appear to be localized (the content is pseudo localized). See an example in a screenshot below.

Additionally, you may notice the pseudo-localization issue in the folders names of "My Tableau Repository".

User-added image


  • Tableau Desktop 10.3.0
  • Czech Operating System


Until this issue is resolved, please use the following workaround:
  1. Go to the Help menu > Choose Language
  2. 'Psèúdo' will appear as selected.
  3. Select another language.
User-added image


Our team is aware and working on resolving this pseudo-localization issue (ID: 658993). 
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