Unable to Use Non-English Characters in tabcmd

Published: 13 Feb 2013
Last Modified Date: 26 May 2016


If any non-English (unicode) characters are present in the command line, tabcmd commands might fail and display an error message.


Tableau Server 8.3 and earlier versions


Option 1: Upgrade to Tableau Server 9.0 or a later version

For more information, see Upgrading Tableau Server.

Option 2: Use the following workarounds 

  • If Tableau Server is installed in a directory path that contains non-English characters, move Tableau Server to a directory path that contains only English characters. For more information, see Moving Tableau Server to a Different Drive.
  • If non-English characters are in the project, workbook, or view name, either rename these items, or use the Tableau Server user interface instead of the command line to interact with these items.


The ability to use non-English (unicode) characters in tabcmd was not available in Tableau Server 8.3 and earlier versions.
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