Unable to Show a Legend for Circle Mark Type

Published: 02 Nov 2016
Last Modified Date: 29 Nov 2016


When creating a view with a dual axis, you are unable to add a legend for the circle mark.


Tableau Desktop 10.0.1


In order to add a specific legend to circles, you will need to create a calculated field and change the Mark type to: Shapes.
  1. Click Analysis > Create Calculated Field...
  2. Create a Calculated Field called "Legend" (or a desired name for your legend) using the following formula:
    	" "
  3. In the Marks card, select Shape from the drop-down menu 
  4. Place the Calculated Field from step 1 on Shape in the Marks card 
  5. Double-click the Shape field on the Marks card. 
  6. In the dialog box, select a Shape from the drop-down menu and click Assign Palette > OK
  7. The legend will be generated on the View.


Circle rather than Shape are being used in the Marks card.

Additional Information

A sample workbook is available in the Attachments section of this article. 
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