Unable to Set Relationship for Multiple Tables When Using Microsoft Access

Published: 19 May 2023
Last Modified Date: 01 Jun 2023


The error below occurs ​after using Relationship with Access in Tableau Desktop.

Unable to complete action
This data source uses a connection that doesn't support multiple logical tables. Add a single logical table, open it, and then add the table in the physical layer of the data source.
For more information on logical and physical tables, see



  • Tableau Desktop
  • Microsoft Access


As a workaround, instead of creating relationships, add the second table in the physical layer of the data source. Steps are detailed below:
1. Drag the first table to the canvas.
2. Double-click on the table just dragged to the canvas (this will open the physical layer of the data source).
3. Drag the second table to the canvas.


The ability to use Relationship with Access data is not currently built into Tableau Desktop.
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