Unable to See Tables When Connecting to OData with ODBC

Published: 29 Nov 2018
Last Modified Date: 27 May 2019


When connecting Tableau Desktop to OData using ODBC, tables do not appear in data connection.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Odata
  • ODBC connector


  • Use an appropriate feed/collection URL:
    • http://<domain & path>/bin/Feed.svc/Collection; http://<domain & path>/bin/Feed.svc may not work.
    • If neither of the above URLs work, it may be necessary to use an API URL instead, like the following: http://<domain & path>/_api/Feed or the collection URL: http://<domain & path>/_api/Feed/Collection
  • Select an appropriate database and/or database and schema; selecting the database may be enough, but it may be necessary to select a schema to allow tables to populate.
  • Click the magnifying glass icon in the search bar for tables to search for and populate all tables if they do not appear after selecting the database and/or database and schema.
A good way to test that the URL is valid and the tables can be populated is via the ODBC Manager tool by creating a DSN with the OData information, then testing it. If the test succeeds this DSN and connection information can be used with the ODBC connector with Tableau Desktop, however if the test fails or shows that it returns 0 tables, an alternative URL will be necessary.

Important: ODBC connection to OData requires a driver provided by CData which cannot be downloaded from the Tableau drivers page as the driver is not required for the named ODBC connection. This driver can be acquired here: (Note: Although we make every effort to ensure links to external websites are accurate, up to date, and relevant, Tableau cannot take responsibility for the accuracy or freshness of pages maintained by external providers. Contact the external site for answers to questions regarding its content.)


Not all OData feeds and collections are created equal. Depending on where the OData feed lives and how it is created, there are different URLs that point to the feed. While the Tableau OData connector will work with a URL matching http://<domain>/bin/Feed.svc/Collection , this will not work if the OData feed uses SSO or a different URL format.

It may be necessary to use an ODBC connection to be able to create a connection to an OData feed and/or collection that falls under that category, and will 
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