Unable to Save or Export View to PowerPoint

Published: 04 Oct 2013
Last Modified Date: 30 Nov 2019


Unable to save a view as PowerPoint or export a view to PowerPoint.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Server
  • Microsoft PowerPoint


Option 1

With the launch of Tableau Desktop and Server 2019.1, it became possible to save and export views to Microsoft PowerPoint. Upgrading to this version will allow you to save, export and download views, dashboards and stories to PowerPoint. 

To export a workbook to PowerPoint in Tableau Desktop, select File > Export as PowerPoint. This creates a PowerPoint file of all workbook sheets and saves the file to your computer.

Note: You can use File > Page Setup to control if and how titles, views, legends, and captions appear, You can also select Size > PowerPoint (1600x900) as you save/export to fit specific PowerPoint size formats.

Option 2

If you cannot upgrade, follow this workaround.
  1. Export the view as an image:
    • In Tableau Desktop, select Worksheet > Copy > Image or Worksheet > Export Image.
    • In Tableau Server, select ExportImage.
    For more information, see Copying and Exporting Images from Tableau in the Tableau knowledge base.
  2. Paste the image into a PowerPoint slide. This view will not be interactive in PowerPoint. 

Option 3

Embed a live Tableau Server view in PowerPoint.

Note: The ability to see the view is dependent on user login to their Online site and what settings are selected for the 'Default authentication type for embedded views'. Tableau Online does not allow guest user access like Tableau Server.


The ability to publish a view directly to PowerPoint first became available with Tableau 2019.1.

Additional Information

Note: To generate the PowerPoint file, Tableau creates a static image of all views in your workbook. As a result, any applied filters or custom views open when a PowerPoint is created will be included.

For more information, see Export and download as PowerPoint

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