Unable To Retrieve Ingestion Status And Get Error "user Is Not Authenticated"

Published: 21 Apr 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


When enabling Tableau Catalog on Tableau Server, unable to retrieve ingestion status and get following error in your web browser.

Whitelabel Error Page

This application has no explicit mapping for /error, so you are seeing this as a fallback.

Tue Apr 21 10:01:58 UTC 2020
There was an unexpected error (type=Unauthorized, status=401).
User is not authenticated


  • Tableau Server


Make sure to sign in to Tableau Server using your admin credentials before retrieving ingestion status.

Option 1
If you have not configured SSL for external HTTP traffic on your Tableau Server,
Step 1. Open a web browser, sign in to Tableau Server, and keep the tab open.
Step 2. Open another tab, enter the URL for retrieving ingestion status.

Option 2
If you have configured SSL for external HTTP traffic on your Tableau Server,
Step 1. Open a web browser, sign in to Tableau Server.
Step 2. Use browser's developer tools to find the following 2 cookies, and make note of the values.
Step 3. Open Postman (or any other similar tool), send a GET request like below to Tableau Server to retrieve ingestion status.
User-added image
The headers:
CookieXSRF-TOKEN=<cookie-value>; workgroup_session_id=<cookie-value>
If you use Postman, do not use Chrome Postman app, as it does not support Cookie header.
Download Postman from


You are not signed in to Tableau Server before retrieving ingestion status.
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