Unable to Restore Most Configuration Settings When Restoring backup to Tableau Server on Linux

Published: 03 Jan 2018
Last Modified Date: 11 Jan 2018


When restoring a backup of Tableau Server (for Windows or Linux) to Tableau Server for Linux 10.5, the restore process only restores content and identityStore type ('local' or 'activedirectory').

Other configuration settings, including custom logo files, are not retained and must be reconfigured on the new server. 


Tableau Server for Linux 10.5


All configurations must be applied to the new server, they will not be carried over from the backup.

Source files for any portal customizations (images and logos) must be manually copied to each node in the new server cluster and configured individually. See tsm customize for details.


This is a known limitation of the initial version of Tableau Server for Linux. 
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