Unable to Resize Pop-up Window in IE 11 When Clicking the "Edit" Button in An Embedded View

Published: 28 Dec 2017
Last Modified Date: 23 Aug 2019


When clicking the Edit button in embedded views, a new Internet Explorer window pops up, and the Maximize icon is greyed-out in the poped up Internet Explorer window.


  • Tableau Server
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Embedded View


Follow the steps below to change Internet Explorer setting to work this issue around:
  1. Open Internet Explorer, and choose Tools > Internet Options.
  2. In the [Internet Options] dialog, under General > Tabs, selectthe Tabs button.
  3. In the [Tabbed Browsing Settings] dialog, set the value of "When a pop-up is encountered" to Always open pop-ups in a new tab.
  4. And click OK twice to close this dialog and the  [Internet Options] dialog.
After applying the change above, try editing embedded views again. A new Tab instead of pop-up window will be opened.


In Internet Explorer 11, pop-up windows cannot be resized as they are displayed in a format used by the website. This is a browser limitation, see Pop-Resize Unavailable? in the Microsoft Community for more information. 
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