Unable to refresh Salesforce data source on Tableau Server due to "java.lang.RuntimeException: Operation timed out"

Published: 28 Jun 2021
Last Modified Date: 29 Jun 2021


When attempting to refresh Salesforce data source on Tableau Server, it has failed intermittently due to error

"java.lang.RuntimeException: Operation timed out."

However, everything is working on Tableau Desktop. 


  • Tableau Server 


This is likely a permission issue on Salesforce, please reach out to Salesforce and make sure all of the following must be enabled on both your company's account and your user profile:
  • SOAP API for signing in

  • REST API for getting meta data

  • BULK API for downloading objects

  • REST API for downloading objects that the BULK API does not support

  • Replication SOAP APIs for retrieving changes in the data

Please note that not every edition of Salesforce will have all of the API settings, and a good troubleshooting step is to use a service account or admin account to determine if it's a permission issue. 


Salesforce account is not fully granted with required API accesses. 
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