Unable to Publish Workbooks to Tableau Public using credentials (TableauID)

Published: 27 Dec 2017
Last Modified Date: 07 Jan 2019


When trying to publish workbooks to Tableau Public using your credentials for (also known as TableauID), the following error message may occur:

Invalid email or password


Tableau Public


If you are unable to remember your Tableau Public password, reset it by doing the following: 
  1. Go to and click "Sign In" on the top right corner. 
  2. Click "Forgot your password?" and enter your email address to get a reset password email. 
  3. Go to your email, open the “Password reset” email and click on the link to reset your password. It should redirect you to your profile page. 
  4. Enter your new password and click OK. 


Tableau Public and TableauID credentials are maintained separately.
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