Unable to Publish Web Data Connector (WDC) Data Source Via tabcmd

Published: 16 Jan 2018
Last Modified Date: 30 Nov 2019


When publishing a .tds of a Web Data Connector (WDC) data source via tabcmd, the following error occurs:  
 *** Unexpected response from the server: Internal server error


Additionally, an error similar to the following will be found in the Vizportal logs:
"Failed async job: Publish Datasource com.tableausoftware.nativeapi.dll.TableauException: DataFile::DataFile (path='C:/Users/<Username>/Documents/My Tableau Repository/Datasources/federated.1rgbh781q567pi121w2vy120izox_1d6hz3d0jt9n1b19rc6280rzalw2.tde', writable=false): The system cannot find the path specified. 



  • Tableau Server 
  • Web Data Connector


Try one of the following:
  • Instead of using tabcmd,  publish from Tableau Desktop. 
  • Save the data source as a .tdsx file instead of a .tds file and publish the .tdsx file instead.


Tableau Server could not access the extract of the Web Data Connector data source. 

Additional Information

​A WDC data source requires an extract.  A .tds file contains only the datasource metadata.  The .tdsx file also contains the extract, making it a valid data source which can be transferred between computers.

Locally, the .TDS file will work because it can reference the local extract on your file system. However, publishing a .tds does not publish the extract file, making it invalid once it is received by the server which can no longer access the extract file.

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