Unable to Publish TDS File Pointing to a Hyper File Using Tableau API

Published: 06 Jul 2023
Last Modified Date: 17 Oct 2023


Unable to publish TDS file pointing to a Hyper file through an API request.

The vizportal log shows this error :

{"ts":"2022-11-03T10:04:36.907","pid":16992,"tid":"8780","sev":"warn","req":"Y2P0pPbYWlRk_n6piqN3BAAAA8g","sess":"A00230D11C3B4E8897C6C9CCC80C28CC-1:0","site":"XXX","user":"Administrator","k":"excp","e":{"excp-error-code":"0xFC5B3037","excp-source":"System","excp-status-code":"UNKNOWN"},"v":{"class":"","dse-type":"DataSourceMustBePackagedInAnArchive","excp-msg":"Cannot publish with standalone extract file [C:/XXX/XXX/XXX/XXX.hyper], all files must be packaged in an archive (.tdsx).\n","excp-type":"DataSourceException","is-bad-request":false,"is-local-configuration-error":false,"is-remote-configuration-error":false,"msg":"DataSourceException::Init"}}"


  • Tableau Server 


Use a live connection in the TDS or create a TDSX file.


When you publish a data source from your local computer to the server, you must make sure that the server has all the components that are required in order for other users to see and interact with the data source.  Typically you need to publish a packaged data source (.tdsx file) that contains all the components for that data source.

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