Unable to Publish Live MySQL Connections to Tableau Cloud When Using SSL Encryption

Published: 20 Dec 2017
Last Modified Date: 08 Jun 2022


After connecting live to a MySQL datasource that uses SSL encryption ('Require SSL' selected) in Tableau Desktop, the following error may occur, when publishing to Tableau Cloud.
"Tableau Cloud can't connect to the following database or publish with a live connection: <DATABASE NAME>. You might need to add Tableau Cloud to your data provider's authorized list using the IP address range appropriate for your site location. For details, see Keep Data Fresh in the Tableau Cloud help.

Or you can create an extract and set up a refresh schedule. Data will start to refresh when Tableau Cloud is able to access your data."


  • Tableau Cloud
  • MySQL
  • SSL


Working with your MySQL database administrator to ensure the MySQL user has been granted permission to connect to any host from the Tableau Cloud specific IP addresses or ranges, follow one of the below options.

Option 1

Reconfigure the MySQL grant to use the % wildcard as the host value instead of IP addresses or ranges. This will allow the user to connect from any host. 

Option 2 

Reconfigure the MySQL grant to explicitly allow the Tableau Cloud IP addresses or ranges as the host value. For more information about Tableau Cloud instance specific IP addresses or ranges, please see Keep Data Fresh in the Tableau Cloud help.


The MySQL database user has not been granted permission to connect from the Tableau Cloud IP Addresses or Ranges.
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