Unable to Pivot Step from [Rows to Columns] After Adding [New Rows] Step in Tableau Prep

Published: 19 Dec 2022
Last Modified Date: 19 Dec 2022


Unable to use the [Rows to Columns] Pivot Step once you add a [New Rows] Step before it.

Just like the image below, it is impossible to add any fields in the pivot step after the [New Rows] Step​​​​​​.
User-added image

However, if you only use [Rows to Columns] without the [New Rows] pivot step, it is OK to pivot.
User-added image


  • Tableau Prep Builder 2022.3.1 and older
  • Tableau Server 2022.3 and older


Option 1
Upgrade to Tableau Prep Builder 2022.4 or later

Option 2
Consider splitting the original flow into two flows.
One with the [New Rows] Step and another one with the [Rows to Columns] Pivot Step.
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